The M&E Cell deals with the following subjects:

  • functionsMonitoring of Provincial ADP
  • Veriification of physical & financial progress of development schemes 
  • Provide Proactive Indicators from the Field for Stronger
    • accountability in use of resources;
    • focus on achievement of results;
    • resolution of bottlenecks/issues;
    • basis for timely decision‐making.  
  • Maintain Monthly Progress Reports (MPR) of all departments
  • Identification of bottlenecks and their resolution / escalation
  • Use IT to increase efficiency & build knowledge base
  • Provide MIS knowledge / support to P&D Department and other organisations
  • Prepare and publish Annual Report
Additional Assignments
  • CM directives
  • President & Prime Minister Directives
  • Scrutiny & submission of PC-IV to FD
  • Department and District wise reporting of monitoring
  • Conduct Mid-year Review meeting of ADP schemes with all Departments
  • Summarise, Analyse & Circulated financial release position of ADP
  • Any other additional task related to Data Analysis and Report generation for development portfolio