• Implementation of ADP Progress Monitoring GIS Dashboard data fetching through Android Smartphone
  • Indegenously developed workflow automation system (FilMS)  for online file sumissions, alterations and approval
  • Established state-of-the-art Data Center
  • Proposed and get approved from Sidnh Cabinet on Unique Identification (UID) for ADP schemes
  • Developed in-house Annual Reports with ADP data analytics
  • Indigenously developed CMD system for management of Chief Minister's Directives
  • Implement MIS Directorate computerized Digital Asset Management Tracking System
  • Developed policies & procedures for MIS Directorate based on ISO 9001 QMS & 27001 ISMS


Below is the monitoring process devised by the MIS adopted in FilMS Dashboard:



Below is an example of a completely paperless workflow environment in M&E Cell Monitoring Report Publishing: